I just want to take a minute to introduce myself and to say thank you so very much for connecting with me here! I am a woman, a mother, a partner, a person.
I believe in empathy, growth and love.
I believe that the ability to verbalize is an awesome privilege and we all need help wielding this mighty power responsibly. This is my little slice of individuality that isn’t intrinsically linked to anyone or anything else and my attempt to use it for Good.


Where to start?
My sweet little family and I have lived all over the country, working seasonally, up until recently when we moved from our sweet little cabin in the mountains of Alaska to the buzzing and much warmer city of Los Angeles, and then to even warmer Florida where we plan to stay while we convert a school bus into a tiny home in order to be able to pursue our dream life even deeper.
Who I am and Why I do What I do:
I am
passionate about
learning through traveling,
social activism,
pursuing simplicity,
treasuring the slow side of life
and treating our planet-
and each other-
with kindness.


I want a life that isn’t filled with “what if’s” or doubts- and don’t want to get to the end to realize my story was a haze of meetings, facebook posts, receipts and regret.
So I write.
Spoiler Alert: Sometimes it’s not pretty.
But I write anyways. Expression is crucial to my well being.
So I write.


I also make art.
Spoiler Alert Pt 2: Sometimes it’s not pretty
But I create anyways. Growth is messy and I am all for it.
It’s my way of being able to support causes I am passionate about while being able to keep some fun in my life.
It keeps me in touch with my
So I keep playing.



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