I just want to take a minute to introduce myself and to say thank you so very much for connecting with me here!


We have lived all over the country, working seasonally, up until recently when we moved from our sweet little cabin in the mountains of Alaska to the buzzing and much warmer city of Los Angeles, and then to even warmer Florida. I am passionate about traveling to the most eclectic of places, learning from other cultures, keeping my growing family healthy, passing down recipes, homesteading, slowing down, minimizing waste and treating our planet-and each other-with kindness.


I want a life that isn’t filled with “what if’s” or doubts- and don’t want to get to the end to realize my story was a haze of meetings, facebook posts, receipts and regret.


I want it to be filled with images of singing out loud in the car with the windows open, drive in movies, thrift store treasures, eating the world’s juciest mango on a desert island in Costa Rica, family naps on clean crisp sheets, books that touched my core, sleeping under the stars in Joshua Tree or New Mexico and watching dog sled races.


This blog is a place to share, explore, learn and connect and I hope to foster a community of growth and grace.



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